The Best Subscription Boxes for Kids in 2022

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The gift that keeps on giving – literally. Subscription boxes for kids are great for keeping children entertained and engaged. And who doesn’t want a surprise in a box every month? They are such a fun and easy way to discover new products and brands, while also giving your little ones a monthly surprise of goodies.

Subscription boxes come in many shapes and sizes; there are boxes that focus on crafts, ones that focus on science experiments, and ones that focus on games—the possibilities are endless!

They make fantastic gifts and many of the ones featured below have options when it comes to packages available. If forking out for a plan immediately is too much of a commitment, many of them offer a one-off box that you can purchase. That way. you know what you are getting and are confident that your little one will love it.

Lovevery Subscription Box

Lovevery subscription box for kids
The Babbler box by Lovevery. Suitable for 13, 14 and 15 months.

Lovevery is a subscription box that sends you a box filled with a ‘play kit’ tailored to your child’s age and stage. They offer Montessori-inspired toys and activities to help your child grow and develop.

Every month, Lovevery will send you six or more items selected by experts to help you raise curious, confident and smart kids. Your first box will be hand-picked based on your child’s age. Made from sustainably harvested wood, organic cotton, non-toxic paint, and baby-safe plastics.

You can see the contents of the boxes for each stage online. Each box comes with a pack of flashcards called. “The Play Guide” provides information on the toys included, how they aid in your child’s development and how to use them.

You also have the option of buying a one-off box for a specific age and other toys like their play gym and block sets.

Toucan Box

Toucanbox subscription box for kids

Your budding young crafters will love our favourite creative-centred STEAM box: toucanBox. Sign up and build your box today!

The toucanBox, which is designed for children aged 3–8, has been the recipient of several awards including MadeForMums’ Toy Award 2016 and Junior Design Awards 2016.

Each box contains two creative crafting activities relating to a specific theme, ToucanBox magazine, a sticker sheet and illustrated instructions for the activities included. There are several options for subscription length and the box comes personalised which is a great touch.

As well as signing up for an ongoing monthly sub, you can also gift a shorter subscription – three months is the shortest option – or buy one-off boxes like the unicorn and dino cookie baking kits.

This is a great option that isn’t too expensive and still gives your little ones that excitement of getting a surprise in the mail. This box is guaranteed to let you enjoy your coffee in peace.

The Little Sensory Box

The 3-6 month sensory box by The Little Sensory Box

The Little Sensory Box is one of the most popular Montessori based subscription boxes for little ones. And we are all for a mama-run business. There are a variety of options for subscriptions that you can choose from depending on your circumstances and your child’s needs.

The Little Sensory Box provides a variety of sensory and developmental toys, as well as an electronic activity book that parents can download to help them understand the benefits of each toy.

The Little Sensory Box says they aim to “support every aspect of your child’s development by providing specially selected products that encourage gross motor skills, fine motor skills & sensory exploration through play.”


kiwi co subscription box for kids

KiwiCo is a monthly subscription box service for children offering all sorts of STEM and STEAM subscription boxes, starting with their play-inspired Panda Crate for babies, all the way up to their engineering-inspired Eureka Crate for ages 14 and up.

They have developmental, sensory, STEM, crafting options along with things like cooking and experiments for the older kids

Mud & Bloom

Mud & Bloom’s monthly gardening gifts are perfect for green-fingered youngsters, as they encourage you to get outside and enjoy the great outdoors.

The newsletter will contain gardening-related news, quizzes and craft activities for home gardeners. It also contains seeds for growing certain plants as well as organic compost pellets to help them start their own gardens.

The activities, created by qualified teachers and based on the national curriculum, support students while drawing influence from forest schooling (which emphasises living close to nature), Montessori methods and Steiner education.

Letterbox Lab

letterbox lab subscription boxes for kids

Designed for ages 6-12 – the Letterbox Lab subscription box is a great option for kids who love science and experiments. The box includes two-to-three experiments, all of which can be done at home. The company also offers a parent’s guide to help parents understand the experiments and how best to set up the space for their child.

You have two options to choose from depending on your child’s interests; Investigate box and the Explore box.

One Third Stories

one third stories subscription boxes for children

One Third Stories is a monthly subscription service that delivers books and accompanying activities designed to build children’s awareness of foreign languages. You start up by choosing your language; the languages currently available are English, French, Italian and German.

Each subscription box contains a link to an audiobook narrated by a native speaker, a beautifully illustrated book in both languages, activities and exercises to aid pronunciation and written exercises relating to the story. Genius.


There are a lot of subscription boxes out there, and they all have something different to offer. Some are educational in nature while others focus on fun activities and play time. Whatever your child’s interests may be, there is sure to be an option that will keep them entertained for hours!

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