My Little Morphée: The New Meditation Sleep Aid for Children

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Meet My Little Morphée, a new screen-free sleeping aid for kids.

My Little Morphée is a sleeping aid designed especially for children aged three to eight years old. It provides a relaxing sleep experience, great visual journeys and stories, breathing and relaxation exercises and gentle meditations. It’s the perfect bedtime companion for children who love their screens and need a little help winding down.

It really is the perfect addition to your child’s bedtime routine. It features 192 combinations of relaxing sessions, including meditations, nature sounds and soft music, there’s a whole host of options to help them get your little ones to relax before bed all while developing a healthy mindfulness practice.

The importance of teaching meditation to children

Meditation is an incredibly powerful tool to learn to relax, focus and unwind. We all know about the power of mindfulness and meditation – and this is being promoted worldwide from apps on our phones to large corporations promoting healthier habits.

The ability to develop healthy mindfulness and meditation habits is a great gift to give your child in preparing them for the world that lies ahead. It’s a really great way for kids to develop their self-awareness and deepen their connection with themselves as well as practice coping with overstimulation and stress. If you want to introduce your child to the world of meditation, this is a fantastic place to start.

My Little Morphée: An Overview

My Little Morphée is the perfect addition to your child’s bedtime routine. When your child is in bed, they can choose a character and an environment and listen to the visual journey it takes them on. All of the stories were written by relaxation experts and all contain visualisation, breathing and relaxation exercises. Each of the sessions has been carefully designed by sleep experts specialising in child relaxation.

My Little Morphée Mon Petit Morphée childrens sleep aid meditation device

My Little Morphee has a very simple and retro-looking style with two keys on the front of the box.

The first key enables your child to select a character. Each character represents a specific skill; the lion represents confidence, the butterfly represents happiness, and the cat represents autonomy to name a few. You can also choose to listen to some soothing music, nature sounds or a guided meditation. These are all listed in the Morphée booklet that comes with your box.

The second key allows your child to select an environment or ‘theme’. They can choose from lakes, islands, castles and even outer space – allowing your child to listen to a story that piques their interest and gives them some control.

On the side, there is an hourglass that allows you to select the duration of the sessions; 8 minutes or 16 minutes. My Little Morphée comes with a USB charging cable and the battery lasts 3 hours (which is around 15 stories).

The great thing about the Morphée products is that they come with a 100-night trial within which you can simply return the product no questions asked.

Non-digital and screen-free

We thought that this deserved its own paragraph. Zero screens. Zero guilt. Morphee is a completely non-digital and screen-free sleep aid for children. It doesn’t require a wifi connection or needs to connect to Bluetooth. It just works. Because it doesn’t need a wifi connection to work, you can rest assured that it is completely safe and secure for your little ones.

There are no apps or tech to distract your little ones, and no random flashing lights when on which can be a real killer with kids’ devices.

Morphée’s simplicity in both features and look is no accident, and it’s part of what makes the app such a valuable and efficient sleep and relaxation aid.

What other mums are saying about My Little Morphée

The team at Morphée kindly gifted us My Little Morphée and we put it to the test.

We asked Mama of two and founder of Mindful Motherhood Co, Taiba what she thought of My Little Morphée. Her son, aged 3 has been using the sleep aid for two weeks and here’s what she said:

My Little Morphée has slotted right into my son’s bedtime routine and he absolutely loves it. He loves getting into bed and selecting the characters and essentially; creating his story. While he is too young to completely understand the science behind it and meditation, using My Little Morphée really does help him calm down and helps him fall asleep faster. I feel really great having my son use his Little Morphée as I know he is developing important mindfulness skills that will help him thrive as he grows.

The price point is not cheap but is comparable to other children’s audio gadgets on the market today. That’s also reflected in the quality of the box itself. It’s had its fair share of tumbles in our household and is still going strong.

I just love the design which can be a minefield when looking for kid’s products. It looks great on his bedside table. It’s also great to have a kid’s gadget that is genuinely so simple and easy to use that even my grandma was able to figure it out. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend My Little Morphée”

Mother of two, Rasha has also been using My Little Morphée with her 4-year-old daughter.

“My Little Morphée has become our bedtime essential. It is such a great little gadget and we have been really enjoying using it. We introduced it just a few days ago and my daughter is excited to go to bed in the evening. She loves the stories and the soothing music. As a mother to a daughter, it’s really important that my daughter is not just listening to stories about princesses and fairies. These stories contain great teaching, and lessons that help my kids foster healthy habits”

What about the adults?

Morphée sleep aid meditation mindfulness device

It seems the lovely team at Morphée hasn’t forgotten about the adults. While it’s great to instil healthy mindfulness habits in our children, it’s no secret that those lacking in sleep are typically adults, specifically parents.

The original Morphée is an adult meditation and sleep aid device that provides guided meditation sessions which can help you relax, unwind and fall asleep quickly by listening to different types of guided meditations that last between 8-20 minutes.

The Morphée for adults sticks by its non-digital philosophy in order to best promote meditation, relaxation and sleep. It comes in lovely packaging perfect for a gift (or if you just love a great unboxing experience!).

Our take away

My Little Morphée is a sleep tool every parent should have in their box of tricks, to help calm and guide the child to sleep. It’s great for planting the invaluable skills of meditation and mindfulness in children to enable them to implement these practices in their lives growing up. The My Little Morphée is beautifully designed, with a simple interface that’s easy for kids to use.

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