The Ultimate Christmas Eve Box Fillers For 2022

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Christmas Eve is a magical time for kids. It’s the night before Christmas, and they’re just waiting to see what Father Christmas brings them. One thing that is sure to add some extra magic to this night is putting together your own Christmas Eve box for your child. It’s a relatively new tradition here in the UK, but one that has become more and more popular every year. You can either put it under the tree or leave it somewhere else in the house for them to find when they wake up on Christmas Eve. You can fill it with things they can use on Christmas Eve to make their day festive while you get on with preparations (if needed) or play.

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Where to get a Christmas Eve Box

Christmas Eve boxes are quite plentiful – their popularity is increasing year upon year. You can simply use a box you have at home, get a simple cardboard festive gift box or invest in an engraved wooden box. These are expensive, but obviously reusable year upon year and will make for a great keepsake when your child is all grown up. Etsy is a great place to get a wooden Christmas Eve Box and in shopping from there you can support small businesses this Christmas too!

A Christmas Book

A Christmas book is a wonderful way of helping your child understand the meaning of Christmas, and there are plenty to choose from. Having read many over the years, I would recommend finding one that aligns with your family’s understanding of the festive season. We’ve listed a few of our favourites below.

Construction Site on Christmas Night

Goodnight, Goodnight, Construction Site the much loved classic and The #1 New York Times bestselling children’s book – but make it festive.  A great option for any kids who like diggers and cranes.

Last Stop on the Reindeer Express

A great little book about about a girl named Mila who is separated from her beloved grandfather. She wants to send her Grandpa a Christmas letter, but it won’t arrive in time because he lives so far away. Luckily for Mila, she opens a magical door that leads to the Reindeer Express —where she travels on reindeer back home as if no time has passed!

A Pair of Festive Pyjamas

Christmas Eve Pyjamas – who doesn’t love them? One of the best parts of Christmas Eve is getting into your new festive pyjamas. Include your children’s Christmas Eve pyjamas in their Christmas Eve Box and watch their excitement as they open them. There are so many options; from traditional Christmas checkered pyjamas to your child’s favourite character. We’ve put together a few we loved!

These gorgeous checkered pyjamas are a dream for your little one’s Christmas Eve Box. They are made from soft woven cotton and are so comfy for your little one’s sensitive skin. You can even personalise them on their website when ordering!

This beautiful sleepsuit for Baby’s First Christmas is perfect for your little one’s first ever Christmas Eve Box. Made with cotton and comes with a cosy little matching hat to keep your baby extra warm.

Christmas Tonies

If your child has a Tonie Box – you’ll know what we’re talking about.

If your child does not have a Tonie Box – it’s a great GREAT Christmas present. The Tonie Box is a digital audio player that can be used to tell your child a story or sing them songs. You can buy individual Tonies that are Christmas themed or you can get them their favourite character instead for use all year round.

This way they’ll be able to listen to all their old favourites whenever they want and won’t have any trouble falling asleep on Christmas Eve once Santa arrives.”

Some Festive Slippers

A good pair of Christmas slippers should bring joy to all who wear them! Need we say more?

These gorgeous personalised reindeer slippers are so sweet and are a great addition to your little one’s Christmas Eve Box. These are perfect for a baby’s first Christmas and can be a great keepsake to keep once your baby grows out of them.

The sweetest reindeer slippers from Jojo Maman Bebe are perfect for your little one’s Christmas Eve Box. They’re made from a soft wool mix that won’t itch your little one’s feet and have anti-slip soles which are essential.

Festive Treats

For the kids, you can create a mini gingerbread house kit, complete with little trinkets and sweets to decorate it. You might even want to make your own cake or cookies for them!

This could also be an opportunity for the whole family to get creative together. If your child gets excited about baking or crafting, set up an afternoon where everyone can help make something special for Christmas Eve dinner—it will be a fun way for everyone in the family to bond before bedtime comes around!

These perfect little curated gift boxes are great to include in your child’s Christmas Eve box but are also fantastic as a little festive gift for a child. The box includes a festive enamel mug, hot chocolate flakes and a leopard reindeer biscuit. So great for cosy nights watching a festive movie!

Make Your Own Dinky Donuts in a Matchbox created by the Marvling Bros Ltd are such a funny unique little treat to include in your child’s Christmas Eve box!

Christmas Craft Idea

Here are some ideas for festive crafts you could put in your child’s Christmas Eve Box

Make Your Own Christmas Decorations by the Curious Bear is a great sustainable Christmas decoration craft kit. The kit includes clay, cutters, gold paint and everything you need to make a beautiful Christmas Decoration on Christmas Eve. They make for great keepsakes and decorations you can take our every year.

Christmas Jumper Baking Kit by craft&crumb is a really fun festive activity for the whole family and a great thing to include in your child’s box. This kit comes with everything you need to bake and decorate Christmas jumper cookies.

A Cuddly Toy

Cuddly toys are a great option to include in a Christmas Eve Box – Jellycat soft toys are a great option because of their quality and gorgeous designs.

If you’re looking for a fun way to help your kids get into the Christmas spirit, a Christmas Eve Box can help get them excited and riled up for the big day. They’re easy enough for anyone to do and will create a lovely family tradition that can carry through generations to come.

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