10 Tested Postpartum Recovery Items To Help You Heal in 2023

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Postpartum recovery is a process that lasts for months, not days. It’s important to take it slow and prioritise your physical and emotional well-being during this time. Postpartum recovery essentials will help you feel better, but they can also help you feel more like yourself again.

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Tips for postpartum recovery

Postpartum recovery is a time for healing and recuperation. It’s important to take care of yourself by resting, getting plenty of sleep, and giving your body the nutrients it needs.

Here are some other tips to help you through this time:

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Some Super Sexy Disposable Underwear

Rejoice! You can wear these sexy, breathable underthings without having to worry about laundry for the next several weeks. They’re made of cotton and designed to be as comfortable as possible, so you’ll be able to focus on healing instead of worrying about how you smell or whether your underwear is still clean enough to wear.

Postpartum recovery is a painful process, but it doesn’t need to be embarrassing or uncomfortable for you—especially when it comes down to the basics like underwear. These panties will get the job done without giving up on comfort.

This Frida Mom pack are so comfortable that I bought myself a pack after I had healed. I was really pushing it with the postpartum underwear thing at like 3 months. My husband was thrilled.

Perineal Cold Pack

The perineal cold pack is a great way to help with swelling. This can be done by placing the pack in the freezer for at least 20 minutes, but if you’d rather a DIY job, consider making your own by freezing a pad and then cutting it into 8 sections. The size of each section will depend on how much swelling you have; the more swollen, the smaller the pieces should be. You may also want to cut them into triangles or squares so that they conform better around your sensitive areas and aren’t as bulky on your body.

A Sitz Bath

A Sitz Bath is a warm bath you can sit in to help with postpartum healing. The water should be as hot as you can tolerate and the bath should last between 15-20 minutes. This is helpful for healing after a vaginal birth. You can add some postpartum healing salts to your sitz bath to help soothe any soreness or swelling that may occur during recovery.

Hot/Cold Breast Compress

When your milk comes in around day 3, you may find you get quite engorged. That’s where these come in. It helps reduce swelling and inflammation in the breast tissue which can make them feel sore when you nurse or pump. The heat from the pack can also help soothe sore nipples after feedings (just make sure not to burn yourself).

Just don’t do what I did and accidentally cook them in your microwave.

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Inoffensive Maternity Bra

While you are healing and recovering, your body is going through a lot. You don’t want to add any extra stress or discomfort to the situation by wearing an uncomfortable bra.

A seamless maternity bra is great because it doesn’t have underwire or any pads or adjusters (but if you do find one that has these things, that’s okay too). It should also have no fasteners—no hooks, no clasp, no straps—so that the only thing connecting it at all is your body itself. This will help keep things comfortable while delivering support where it needs to be without adding anything else into the mix!

This crossover pack of three are so comfortable to wear and so easy when breastfeeding in those early days.

A Peri Bottle

A peri bottle is a small bottle of water with a squirt top. It’s used to clean the area around your vagina after using the bathroom and to keep your perineum clean and dry. After birth, you won’t want to wipe as you normally would so this can be super helpful. It is important to clean this area because it will help prevent any infections from developing in the sensitive tissues surrounding your vaginal opening. We recommend this Frida Mom one!

A Gigantic Water Bottle With Straw

You will be thirsty. You will want to stay hydrated, especially if you are breastfeeding. A gigantic water bottle with a straw is key to making sure that you are drinking enough fluids and staying healthy. Drinking more water also helps with weight loss after pregnancy as well!

It’s important to choose a water bottle that is easy for you to hold and use while feeding your baby. We love this one because it’s huge, comes with a straw and is made of stainless steel.

Donut Cushion

After giving birth, your body will experience a lot of changes. For this reason, it’s important to focus on recovery after childbirth— you may find it sore to sit down normally after having a baby. One tip is using a donut cushion after delivery.

While using this type of device may seem strange at first glance, it can help make life easier after having a baby!

Seriously Comfortable Loungewear

You’ve just had a baby. The likelihood is you’re going to be spending alot of time at home bonding with your newest addition. You may feel like you lose yourself in motherhood in the first few months and that’s totally normal. But never underestimate the power of just getting dressed in the morning. Out of your PJs and into some comfortable loungewear or daytime attire – it can make all the difference. Just make sure they’re easy-to-wash and soft with easy boob access.

Silverette Nipple Cups

These are GAME CHANGERS. I rave about these and buy them for every pregnant friend of mine. They are made to help you heal your nipples after breastfeeding. They are. made of pure silver which has some pretty insane healing properties and can reduce inflammation and soreness.

Honestly – get these, you won’t regret it. And the great thing about them is once you’re done with breastfeeding, you can just get them made into jewellery as they are 100% silver.

Take Away

The postpartum recovery period is one of the most challenging times for new moms. You’re not only dealing with changes to your body, but also adjusting to parenthood and adjusting to life as a new parent. It can be scary, overwhelming, and lonely. But hopefully these tips will help you navigate through this difficult time and heal faster so that you can focus on your family—and enjoy them!

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